Twilight Trees launch ‘Trees in Green’ collection

‘Greenery’ looks like it’s here to stay for 2018 and Twilight Trees are delighted to be taking it to a whole new level with their ‘Trees in Green’ collection.

The collection in detail

Greenery was the Pantone colour of the year in 2017 and we have seen it filter in to all elements of the event industry. As well as colour, foliage has become a huge trend! Its beauty has been found in its simplicity with it often triumphing over flowers.

The move towards foliage has lead Twilight Trees founder Susie Reid Thomas to create a whole new range of trees.

“2018 sees us going further into the realms of natural and embracing the trends for not only foliage but wooden elements. The ‘Trees in Green’ collection will be bold, natural, fresh and rustic all at the same time. It is a blank canvas and can be added to fit with your own unique vision and colour scheme”

‘Trees in Green’ is a natural next step for Twilight Trees. But true to form, this collection will be luxurious and impressive. The trees are lush and realistic, vibrant yet overwhelmingly natural.  The signature of the ‘Trees in Green’ collection will be the ‘Seven Star Leaf’.

Twilight Trees showcase at Palace Pearls of Wisdom

 Twilight Trees are known for creating beautifully illuminated trees. Positioned at the Palace entrance two maple trees arched across the reception, glistening with LEDs. As well as a showcase of the original Twilight collection, Pearls of Wisdom showcased the new “Trees in Green” for the first time. Two decadent Grande Trees in Green stood tall in the Main Hall. Towering 3m above, the branches reach out to form stunning centrepieces for a grand venue space.

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