Swingers launch 1920’s seaside themed location in London’s West End

Following the announcement last month of the new 1920’s seaside themed Swingers location in London’s West End (in the former BHS site by Oxford Circus), the crazy golf tickets have now gone on sale online here.

Whilst Swingers in the West End will open in mid-March, online tickets are currently available now! Priced from £10, crazy golf tickets are for 9 holes of outrageous putting fun. You have the choice of either the Big Wheel or the Helter Skelter courses.

Dishing up

The first street food partner to announce for Swingers is the Made Of Dough Slice Bar. Made of Dough started out taking their wood fired oven pulled behind a Land Rover to festivals around the UK. Their new Slice Bar concept serves ‘pizza in teglia’ – Roman style. A slice in one hand, a putter in the other – it’s athletic nutrition at it’s very best.

Patty & Bun need no introduction. Swingers are pleased as punch that Patty&Bun will be joining them in Oxford Circus. As well as continuing to serve their City site too.

*Street vendor number three to be announced soon* – yum!

Swingers are very excited to be adding a a sweet treat to their West End site in the form of an ice-cream bar from Hackney Gelato. The golfing experience will be Hackney Gelato’s first concession and will serve an exciting menu. Furthermore this will include a choice of gelatos, sundaes as well as alcoholic shakes.

In conclusion Swingers co-founder and MD Matt Grech-Smith comments “Online tickets have gone on sale leaving guests to decide what they’re going to eat. It’s a genuine worry. How on earth do you choose between Patty&Bun burgers, Made of Dough Slice Bar and a third option?… Bear in mind that you can’t have everything as whatever you choose has to leave room for a Hackney Gelato sundae. Good luck solving that conundrum.”

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Finally, recently Pearl & Pear took to the turf, read how we got on here!

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