A stunning Smallbone x Maddox Gallery installation by WildAbout Flowers

Smallbone is a leading interior designer in hand-crafted and custom luxury kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. For London Design Week 2018, the luxury brand have joined the Maddox Gallery.

An autumnal installation at the Smallbone Brompton Rd.

Specialising in construction and installations, WildAbout Flowers have produced the most stunning installation standing proud against the store front. Taking over 3 days and wrapping around the Knightsbridge store front, the luxurious London florists have truly created an Instagrammable connection with passersby and Smallbone shoppers.

Maddox Gallery partnership

One of the most stylish art destinations in central London locations, Maddox Gallery was a natural partner for the project. Among the works curated by the gallery will be mixed-media pieces from leading artists.  Bold and contemporary, the art will stand in juxtaposition to the timeless, classic beauty of Smallbone’s kitchens.

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