New inkless invitations – Environmentally responsible, sustainable and 100% recyclable

Cutture have always been acutely aware of their green credentials. As a company they currently recycle whilst manufacturing, to an industrial level, but also make sure that they are working with suppliers who match their environmental policies. To begin with the paper manufacturers all through to the printers. They maximise yields on paper lay ups, minimise courier drops, donate surplus paper to local schools and so on. But now is the time to work harder on the actual product and the solution has just begun!

Cutture’s first inkless invitations

Invitations are all about ensuring people attend events. They are an important part of any party or event and the first thing that people receive. They can wow and amaze guests in all sorts of ways, however, often this means using a huge amount of print techniques that are actually, not environmentally friendly. Cutture offset this by producing work that is created for longevity, therefore of course those print processes are necessary, however they prevent it ending up in the recycling bin. The answer? “To create an invitation that focused on environmental responsibility via print processes and materials yet would add that extra intrigue and key messaging via great design.” – Dominic, Cutture.

From the designers

“Over the past few months, we have researched and developed a series of processes and materials that enable us to produce invitations that are environmentally responsible.

The invitation that we have created and made for the 2018 Christmas In July event showcases all these methods. Firstly, we selected the amazing new paper by GF Smith called Extract. Extract is a pioneering paper inspired by our environment, the product is a result of a unique collaboration between consumer, recycler and papermaker.

It is a dynamic combination of chemistry and artistry that takes disposable paper cups destined for landfill and transforms them into a beautiful paper.”

The invitation design

The entire invitation was made using three colours of this unique paper. The great fascination is that they produce beautiful colours which is often not associated with recycled card. This is where Cutture can make a real difference with enticing design and recycled paper stock. The innovators of the stationery world after all! The invitation was then designed and engineered to ensure maximum yield from the sheet so there was minimum recyclable waste created. Also, laser cutting technology was used to create an invitation that was inkless as well as glue-less, whilst still being beautiful and unique for the recipient. Each invitation had the copy laser engraved, a process that removes a layer of the paper and leaves the contrasting coloured text.

“Finally, we used our ‘Namecut’ service to personalise each invitation with the invitee’s name, every name was laser cut on the back of the invitation providing the all important ‘reveal’ when they opened the origami envelope.

The process that we have gone through responds to today’s requirements to be more aware of our environment that we live in. Our inkless invitations are recyclable, use recycled materials, use processes that have minimal effect on the environment and most importantly have an impact on the recipient guaranteeing increased customer engagement and attendance at events.”

Christmas in July (really, in July?)

With the launch of the inkless invitations at Christmas In July, now is the perfect time to think about how you and your business will thank their clients, suppliers and friends with a Christmas card or gift. We believe Christmas is the perfect time to do this. Please read our post about The Business of Christmas. Why not thank the people important to you with a stunning card or gift that is also environmentally responsible! We would love to discuss some ideas for your event with you.

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