Meringue Girls and Four Winters team up for a Mermaid Mash-Up!

A Limited Edition Four Winters collection has hit the UK, and we think its incredible! They’re the most instagrammable desserts to date…

Mermaid Mash-Up at Four Winters

 Four Winters was founded in 2014 with the aim of bringing fun and creativity back to ice cream. For a unique twist its parlours are designed with an open kitchen to watch ice cream being made in front of your eyes. These liquid nitrogen ice cream pioneers have teamed up with dream team Meringue Girls to create the ultimate under-the-sea serve.

An array of delicious ingredients are used to create it, not only making it fun to look at but delicious. Lip-smacking coconut ice cream is folded with natural blueberry and raspberry purees and served in a cup. Or if you’d prefer a naturally-coloured purple waffle cone. The serve is then topped with a handmade mermaid tail and starfish meringues, made exclusively by Meringue Girls. Also, finishing touches of shimmering mermaid pearls, coconut flakes as well as a dusting of edible silver glitter are added to complete the masterpiece. Just divine!

Available from 10th August – 27th August across all Four Winters London parlours. Find your nearest store here.

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Free Mash-Up Events with Meringue Girls

Four Winters are running two tasting events with the Meringue Girls where customers can have a sneak-peak free serve from 1:00pm-2:00pm.

Dates include 17th August at Brewer Street Parlour, and 25th August at Portobello Road Parlour. What a way to kickstart the Carnival weekender!

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