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WowGrass were approached to help put together a large production for the well-known ethical cosmetics company, Lush. Lush promised a cosmetic revolution and invited visitors to go down the Rabbit Hole. It promised new dimensions, where ethical topics were addressed and the legendary bath bombs took centre stage.

Promising to be bigger than ever, one of their main features included an immersive ‘walk in the park’. With WowGrass’ extensive list of green credits and nomination of Green Supplier of the Year at this year’s Event Production Awards, it was not surprising that WowGrass was approached by Presentation Design Services. WowGrass designed and created the park and grassed area, all 2000m squared!

The Green Low Down

The WowGrass product itself is a real, soil–free and more importantly plastic-free grass carpet that offers a premium, eco-friendly and more authentic alternative to artificial grass.

WowGrass is produced by growing top quality grass into a felt mat using patented soil-free technology. The felt is made from recycled British textiles and designed to give the grass strength and flexibility. Developed and grown at their nurseries in Yorkshire, the team have ideal growing conditions for grass and are ideally placed for transportation links.

WowGrass is a unique product that can be laid indoors or outdoors, anywhere. It can cover furniture, walls anything you can visualise. Cemented by the brands motto “Its use is purely limited by your imagination.”

The Lush Showcase

The brief was by no means small and upon entering the Manchester Central Complex you were instantaneously hit with a sensory overload of scents, music, smoke and colour. A large grassed area with neon bean bags, park swings and real trees set the scene with a huge bandstand set up playing live music. Someone even playing the bongos with the Lush shower jelly.

Ahead stood the brightly lit giant fun house. Which when you climbed to the top had various stations of make you own bath bombs and create your own bubbles with the latest bubble bar wand. There was even a track that you rolled bath bombs down and they landed into a giant bath of coloured scented water which then fed to other parts of the complex, via Giant Bath bomb waterfalls with the biggest bath bomb ever seen and waterwheels. Once up there was no way down but to slide down the giant slide into a bed of neon bean bags. An adults’ playground!

Save the Bees

In the other direction there was a huge grass walkway and fresh cut flowers to address the issue of saving the bees. Placed within the fresh flowers were advice boards, each containing individual tips on what every individual can do in their gardens to help create a happy healthy environment for insects and bees.

Then came an array of stalls each displaying different lush products and representatives on hand to tell you everything they know on the ingredients used and their benefits.

“There was even a rainforest Salon, offering Lush hair treatments on the day.”

Guests could smother their hands in thick clay, leaving them silky smooth and ‘wobble’ their way through a tunnel of jellies. Also, guests could visit Santa’s Helpers pulling around a trolley full of Christmas goodies. There was also a mini disco in an indoor hot air balloon, complete with flashing lights and music.

This project is definitely one to go down in the history books at WowGrass as one of their proudest projects. Especially when tackling important environmental factors that they pride themselves upon every project they tackle.

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