Cutture Win! | 2017 Print, Design & Marketing Awards

The Best Graphic Design Award

All of the hard work, and hours crafting have paid off! An invitation designed, and hand-finished by Cutture has received the ‘Best Graphic Design’ award at the 2017 Print, Design & Marketing Awards.

Cutture specialise in laser cut, hand-finished stationery and accessories for a variety of events. With a bespoke service they can design and produce unique pieces. Alongside offering pre-designed wedding stationery too. Finally, they also operate Laser Bureau by Cutture, a laser-cutting service for the print industry.

Wild Tonic – The Winning Design

Initially created for a showcase, Wild Tonic has gone on to win a prestigious award!

“The design of the Wild Tonic invitation needed to create the feeling of fairy-tale beauty but incorporate slick, practical presentation elements”, says Dominic Sharland, founder and CEO, Cutture. “This award is the very welcome culmination of a lot of innovation, inspiration and a fantastic design team. To be recognised so highly, amongst amazing competition is such a delight”.

“Wild Tonic is one of the most complex pieces ever undertaken. To create the excitement and ‘wow factor’ needed, it included many different elements, including illustration, laser cutting, a paper fan and an opening mechanism. This one was certainly a labour of love.”

The concept itself came from the the venue, One Adam Street, encasing vaulted basements and spiral staircases. A place for storytellers to find the nooks and crannies in the heart of London. Cutture quotes that “the invitation had to convey the intimate nature of the event, yet show the unfolding and unwrapping of the inside from the unsuspecting outer shell”. Focusing the design on the traditional exterior to then beautifully reveal a magical evening transporting you to another place.

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Read more about the creation process here. As well as the showcase in collaboration with Private Drama, Last Supper, Larry Walshe and Wise Productions here.

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