Meringue Girls launch the Christmas Crew!

The Meringue Girls story began in 2012. The girls met while working in a hot, male dominated restaurant kitchen in East London.

“We bonded over our love of sweet things and saw a gap in the market with meringues. The market was crying out for an innovative, inspirational, colourful, girl power baking brand.”

They started their journey in London’s booming street food scene, meeting a lot of influential foodies along the way. They really are the brand to encompass ‘starting at the bottom, making their way to the top!’.

October brought us the Ghoul Gang, this month Meringue Girls hit next level with the Christmas Crew. The ultimate treat bite for your Christmas table this year. The Christmas Crew presents an assorted box of dessert goodies. Including the twinkly Christmas trees, Snowy the Snowman, Christmas Pudding, Rudolph, Candy Canes & Reindeer poop.

Along with their gorgeous designs the festive kisses surprise you with their mouth-watering flavours. Ranging from Mulled Wine to raisins inside.

You can choose from a beautiful bowed gift box of 30 or 48 kisses, or a wooden crate of 144.

Get your Christmas Crew here.

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